Choose your broker
to invest in real estate in Dubai
And make a profit of 20% per annum

Then I take care of all the resale/rental/property management.
By choosing me as your real estate broker, you get professionalism, a high level of service, attentive attitude, confidentiality and full support on all matters of the transaction 24/7
volume of transactions for 2022
Marie Atlas
volume of transactions for 2022
sold in 2022
20+ objects
I carry out the full cycle of the transaction: selection - purchase - paperwork - making payments - receiving keys in any format convenient for the client (online / offline)
They say expertise is my middle name. I constantly improve my level of knowledge and competence: I participate in real estate conferences and trainings from developers, I master new tools for investing. What for? To give our clients comprehensive information about the current offers of the real estate market, to choose the best options for life or investment, to protect against risks and pitfalls. I don't just sell apartments.
sold in 2022
work experience
40+ objects
2 year
work experience
3 years
The choice of properties is simply huge! There are projects that deserve the closest attention, and there are those that are not worth talking about. But we are adults! You also do not want to waste time in vain and are ready to go straight to the most interesting? Then we have a match for sure. I will take into account all the nuances and select from the variety of objects the best option for your request.
volume of transactions for 2022
sold in 2022
45+ objects
work experience
8 year
I create an exceptional culture of service in the real estate market for my clients, exceeding the primary expectations of the client by a multiple in order to save and increase their money, create a new quality of life, increase the level of capital and create partnerships measured in decades. A number of clients come to me as a referral, which speaks to the obvious value I create for them.
volume of transactions for 2022
sold in 2022
work experience
30+ objects
2 year
For me, real estate is not only a business, but also a hobby. It's all about love! I will be happy to tell you about the most liquid projects and will definitely focus on my favorites (in my opinion, they are just perfect!) In general, I will help you choose an object that will not only become an ideal place to live or a reliable way to invest money, but also bring you pleasant emotions.
Hello, this is Elstate — the agency for the selection of the best real estate in Dubai. We know the market inside out and we will take into account all your wishes when looking for apartments or villas for living or investment.

You will go the whole way of buying with us and you will not experience any difficulties, because we will take care of all the most difficult things.
Why Dubai?
Stable rate: Dirham to dollar exchange rate hasn’t changed within last 10 years.
Income from sale and rent in stable currency
Interest-free installment plan up to 10 years.
Each housing estate has its own pools, gyms and hotel services.
The first installment is just 5-15%
The price of the apartment includes interior finishing, fitted kitchen, bath, dressing room and parking place.
No taxes
It is the safest country in the world.
The developer you want to choose pays us a commission from its marketing budget.

We don’t work with particular developer, we are free agents, all is fair.

We provide lifelong free support after buying estate with our help.
Why do we have a free service?
The best 45 housing estates of Dubai according to ELSTATE
How is the deal going?
You can pay by bank transaction or crypto
When buying remotely, we connect with a developer via Zoom and make a deal online.
After approval of your choice, we help to complete the deal
Call you again and tell in details about the housing estates
Make a personal presentation with selected options
Select 3-5 options that suit you best
We interview you via Zoom and define your requirements
What also we can
from two weeks
Open a bank account
from two weeks
Get residence permit
from two weeks
Open a company in Dubai
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